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Ivan the Terrible Descendants launch court case to get Kremlin back

An article by Andrew Osborn appeared at the Daily Telegraph Online Edition.

The Princess Foundation, an organization representing the descendants of Rurik, ninth century prince whose eponymous dynasty ruled until 1598, has argued that its ancestors built and lived in the 69-acre Kremlin complex and that it should now be returned to their ownership. "I want to remind the Russian authorities that the Kremlin belongs to the Ruriks", said Gran Prince Valerty Kubbarev, 47, a Moscow businessman who said his family traced its roots back to the Viking Chieftain.
Russia's tumultuous history and past owners include two royal dynasties-one of which was the Ruriks-the Bolsheviks and the modern Russia State.
The problem for the state is that no official ownership of the Kremlin has ever been registered. The Prince wants his foundation to be awarded managements rights over the sprawling complex, for the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church to be housed there, and for his foundation to be allowed to hold cultural, political and religious events inside its famous walls.
"The property was not purchased from us, was not lawfully taken away from us, and the federal authorities do not have any right to our property. The ruriks demand the return of our property, rent from the government for the illegal possession of our property, and financial compensation", he said.

This are only the first two paragraphs of this article, with some words from Grand Prince Valery Victorovich Kubarev, one of the members of the Imperial and Royal House of Kiev Rurikovich, who is following the case against the Moscow Arbitration Court, on behalf of H.I.R.H. Hugo Norberto Cabrera-Rurikovich-Kubarev, who's the Head of this Imperial and Royal House which is also mine one, after having being acknowledged by its ruler as Countes Clara Ludueña-von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst-und von Wildeshausen. In next days, I will upload the full text of this article.
Clara Ludueña-von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst-und von Wildeshausen

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